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Jael, LLC is a full service event planning company, comprised of three driven women who are dedicated to the principles of service and leadership with a standard of excellence. Our services include:

  • Event consultation
  • Event planning and production
  • Catering
  • Artist management
  • Artist booking

The three of us combined have over 10 years of experience in each of these areas. We have taken our love for serving and started a company that reaches out not only to those who have already arrived and are established, but to the those who are striving and determined to be where they are destine to be. Our vision is your vision. Not only do we make dreams realities, we make your occasions’ unforgettable experiences.



Jael was a warrior, her short yet powerful story which is set in Judges 4:15-22 and 5:24-27 is similar to that told of David and Goliath.  An ordinary woman who triumphs over a terrifying and apparently invincible commander; Jael herself did an impossible, unthinkable, and courageous act, all by herself.  She was hailed as a national heroine by the pursuing Israelite forces, led by Deborah and Barak.

Similar to this woman of the Bible, JAEL LLC is a product of three renaissance women who possess the dream and the drive to create a better life for themselves and their families against all odds. JAEL LLC is also testament to all individuals that it is possible to attend school, be a single parent, have the struggles of life; and yet progress, be courageous, and most importantly be strong in your faith, while changing the lives of others through service.

Our “ministry” will carry beyond every boundary, color, race, and creed.  We are focused and determine to impress not only our God as Jael did, but we want to impress upon the world that there is more beyond the sky’s limit!

FOLLOW JAEL, LLC:   Follow us on Facebook   Follow us on Twitter
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